I’m on FaceBook looking at other people’s life. I’ve noticed I’m there more than usual, because better than the reality is a picture. For better or worse, my focus has shifted. I used to go from site to site to explore ownership options. In other words, shopping to buy. And buy. And buy. Now it’s about posting on my blog. So it’s all about seeing what’s being posted out there.

That said, I’m still me. Old habits don’t go away. Especially this time of year. I’m watching Wolfgang Puck on HSN, big as life and live, streaming on my T.V., and in my living room. He so inspires me to cook. Or to want to cook would be more like it.

So I’m watching Wolfie instead of writing on my manuscript. The good news is that I am formulating ideas on how I want Mona’s story to go, so I’m not completely wasting time. Mona is drifting back to 1972, a very important year in America’s history and for Mona. That was the year North Vietnam realized that the war was at a stalemate. A cease fire was agreed upon, and it was the beginning of the end of our involvement. It was also the year of Watergate. For those of you who remember the year or have studied it, it was a critical time in our recent (semi-recent?) history.

But back to 2012, for me, anyway. Time to move the holidays forward, so there is some shopping in my near future. And since I’m just vegging out to Wolfie, time to hit the treadmill.