This is my first ever blog. I am so excited to finally be doing this. It’s been an exciting year overall, anyway, and this is a continuation of that. I have just finished a complete manuscript, and it is in the process of being edited. The story is about a very immature thirty year old woman who struggles with alcohol. How it impacts her life, and her awareness of that, is what drives the story. The title is Growing Up Lately. Frankly, I have no idea where that came from, but it popped into my head before I even finished the first chapter. Evidently titles are easier than writing for me. My release date on this is planned for March, 2013.

I am now on my second manuscript. It should be a real departure from the first book, and again, I already have the title. FaceBooking With Mona. Mona is an aging hippie who loves to cook. She is eeking her way into the twenty-first century and making connections online to stave off loneliness and help come to terms with the loss of the love of her life, who recently died. Her goal and fantasy is to have a cooking blog. Sounds familiar, right? That part could be me. Because I also love to cook, and one goal I have is to heartily include recipes on this blog as I go. So the challenge is to incorporate Mona’s story with recipes to accentuate her life. To enhance that, I plan to dig into her past, since it’s so much of who she is, and tie that into her recipes as well. How successful will I be? Only time will tell. My goal is to have this ready for release by July, 2013. So we’ll see.