Upcoming releases by Sue S Morris.



Growing up is hard enough to do for the any young woman trying to make it on her own, but toss in a self-absorbed alcoholic mother, a cold distant grandmother, and the mystery of her father’s death … Well, with all the family secrets, Amanda just isn’t sure how to take control of her life. She struggles as she transforms herself from an alcoholic in rehab to a maturing adult taking control of her life. Join her on her journey to a life that offers the promise of fulfillment as an adult able to be a contributing part of the world outside her sheltered existence.



Mona is an aging hippie who dreams of starting a cooking blog of her own. She currently uses FaceBook to interact with the world and share her recipes. She connects to her past as she journeys to the present, brought together by the food that has informed so much of her life. She embraces all periods of her life, as a young flower child and as a mature woman, and all the times in between. She believes it is important to know who you were in order to fully understand who you are.



Jane never stood a chance in life. Abandoned early by her drug-addicted mother, she was left with her aging grandmother, who was unequal to the task of raising yet another child. Largely ignored by the adults in her life, she also turned to a life of drugs. Ordered into rehab, she is, for the first time in her life, safe. She recognizes she has been given this one chance to change the course of her life. Is she able to take advantage of it?

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